Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ambition by Barry Chu

Without it are we aimless, with no drive?
With it are we heartless, without concern?
Is it needed for a young man to thrive?
Or does it teach them to forever yearn?
Does too much too soon make ones self churlish?
Does not enough make ones self lazier?
Does too little keep the mind from flourish?
Or does it simply make us crazier?
It only works if spawned from within
But countless try to insert from outside
Its absence would mean less times of chagrin
Its presence can lead to excess of pride
Best to have it and fail, so to aquire
Both humble heart and unfettered desire.

Saw the trailers for the new Shakespeare movie which got me reading some Shakespeare stuff again (it's all available online). Thought I'd give writing poetry (specifically a sonnet) a try. lol...

Perhaps some kid will take this and try to hand it in as his shakespeare homework assignment one day. I wonder what grade I'll get...haha